Penetration Testing

Penetration testing aims to determine the security posture of a target application, network or wider system. Consultants will manually review the target system, applying Pulse Security’s internal testing methodologies. Our methodologies are built based on industry best practice, years of experience and are augmented by our internal research program. This ensures our penetration testing services are effective and up-to-date when finding vulnerabilities.

We offer penetration testing services for:

  • Web applications and APIs
  • Mobile applications
  • Thick-client applications
  • Cloud environments
  • External, internal and wireless networks
  • Source code reviews

Pulse Security also has extensive experience with penetration testing as part of a PCI programme of work. We are experienced in working with your PCI QSA to ensure penetration testing requirements for PCI compliance are met.


A detailed report is delivered upon the conclusion of the engagement. Any critical vulnerabilities discovered during testing are communicated immediately.

The report will detail the following:

  • A list of vulnerabilities, ranked by severity.
  • An executive overview of the engagement and security posture of the target system.
  • Technical details and steps to reproduce the vulnerability.
  • Recommendations to resolve the vulnerabilities.
  • Any additional resources, such as links to tools and whitepapers, that may aid in further understanding and resolving the vulnerabilities.