Real World Testing

We look at your business like your real adversaries would. They won't go easy and we won't either.

Penetration Testing

Our specialist offensive testing services include an extensive range of penetration testing capabilities at the application, network, and physical level.

  • Red Team Engagements
  • Web Application and API
  • External, Internal, and Wireless Networks
  • Host and SOE
  • Cloud Environments
  • Mobile Applications
  • Bespoke Systems and Applications

Security Review

Complementing our Penetration Testing we also perform network architecture and application review services. Helping your business achieve best practice design and secure-by-default approaches to your infrastructure.

  • Network Architecture Review
  • Application Architecture Review
  • Source Code Review

Incident Response

For when things go wrong, our experienced and qualified team will help with getting you back on track.

  • Incident Response Preparedness
  • Incident Management and Leadership
  • Forensic Investigations (GIAC Certified Forensic Analysts)
  • Malware Analysis

Featured Releases

A few Tailscale tricks for Security Testers

We were recently asked to review a Tailscale deployment for one of our clients. Naturally we had to take a look under the hood at how Tailscale implement things - to satisfy our own curiosity as well as to make sure our assumptions about the details were correct. This article explains a couple of the interesting things we found during this process and presents a couple of tricks that might be useful when you next encounter a Tailscale network during a security review, or which might give you some food for thought regarding how you securely deploy Tailscale in your environment.

SameSite: Hax – Exploiting CSRF With The Default SameSite Policy

Default SameSite settings are not the same as SameSite: Lax set explicitly. TLDR? A two-minute window from when a cookie is issued is open to exploit CSRF. Let’s take a closer look at how to do that…

2021 Summary – Like sands through the hourglass…

The pandemic maxed out our work-from-home stats, we forgot to cancel our coffee subscription and ended up hoarding Havana beans by accident, we hacked many boxes and investigated an incident or two. This article is a brief, informal overview of some things that happened at Pulse in 2021, and a chance to talk about some of that Stuff ™ that happened.

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