Do you want to come work with us?

Pulse Security always has an eye out for talented hackers. We're a small company dedicated to doing cool stuff and standing out as one of the best penetration testing and DFIR teams in New Zealand and internationally.

If you love pulling apart technology, have the smarts to understand it and find flaws, you'll probably fit in here. We're interested in both newbies and seasoned hackers if you're looking to work in a small and highly talented team.

Pulse Security is about deep technical dives into the security of everything. From that latest incident with bespoke malware, to stealing fat stacks of cash during a web-app pentest, to finding 0-day in widely used products around the globe. We strive to understand what's on the inside that makes a system work and give real-world security advice.

Candidate requirements:

  • A good baseline understanding of IT tech and pentesting basics
  • Can learn quickly and independently
  • Excellent written English skills
  • Must already be in New Zealand
  • Can work in either Auckland or Wellington

If that sounds like you email us at with a bit about yourself, something concrete you can show us that you've broken or built, what you want to do with your career, and probably a CV or something.